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Chronicles of Tyrin, June of Year 754

 Campaigning in the world of Tyrin, mainly with modules from Darkcitygames and C.H.Brandon's Cauldron Magazine. Dark City Games' Legends of the Ancient Worlds rules are used, except that combat is classic Melee, jobs are from Into the Labyrinth, and some sandbox tables are added. Most materials can be found on darkcitygames.com.

Year 754 of the Eagle

2nd June
Durward the Warrior, Mills the Guardsman, Carleton the Rogue, Woodward the Tank and Marsyon the Illusionist arrive at Leaf's Hill Village near High Mountains.[1]

Heroes venture to a cave and recover kidnapped village girl Graentel from mysterious elf Grim leading band of orcs, as well as impressive treasure in coins. Mills, Durward and Marston are killed in the process.

9th June
After week of celebrations heroes return to explore rest of the caves. Sandy the Mercenary and Wesley the Sorcerer from nearby town of Cretia join the party.

A kraken is encountered near underground lake, retreats after losing one tentacle.

Upon hearing on recent upheaval in Redpoint, of which leader revolted against the king and allied with beast-men and other nations, party decides to venture to distant city to find employment.

10th June

Party scales mountains through Rockhail Pass.

12th June

Party encounters two evil sorcerers who terrorize the land to extort money from people. Only thanks to Sandy the Mercenary's diplomatic talent confrontation is avoided.

22th June

Heroes arrive to Redpoint city and find no job but learn about ancient mansion where a sorcered lived. He disappeared, supposedly leaving his treasure, but none dared to investigate the manor. [2]

Party finds and explores the manor, encountering snakemen and cultists hinting some schemes against human race. Very long tunnel leading somewhere is discovered, but left alone for now. Wesley is gifted scroll of his choice from ancient librarian. (Heal spell). Sandy the Mercenary is killed by a cultist. After leaving the mansion party recruits Derwood the Skirmisher.

Sorcerer's treasure was not found [3], but snakemen had strange map, which party decided to investigate later.

29th June
Carleton and Woodward were recovering their wounds for 4 days, while Derwood and Wesley were working to cover living expenses. Derwood was skilled tracker and managed to find good job as hunter, earning 30s. Wesley learned Assist spell from friendly librarian at Sorcerer's Manor [4] to find job as Wizard's Apprentice, there he earned 75s. [5] It covered all living costs of the party and even 65s remained, making total party wealth 660 silver and 6 gold coins.

Party investigated the map found in the manor and with help of sage Moffitt found abandoned muncipial building in another district of the city, which contained secret passage marked with a rune. Here more snakemen were encountered, they had an amulet which was identified by Moffitt as belonging to dangerous cult. He went to report it to city ruler.

[1] Orcs of the High Mountains module begins here.
[2] The Sorcerer's Manor module begins here.
[3] With bad dice rolling and decisions a lot of module content is sometimes missed and can't be discovered without replaying the module.
[4] Normally spells can't be easily found without a guild. However he still had to pay XP cost.
[5] They also earned for their jobs 1 and 2 XP respectively.

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  1. A brutal turnover of characters there ;-) Gorgeous map, your work?

    1. Changing characters was really fun as it increased challenge without bogging the game down, since in contrast to D&D, characters can be rolled really quickly and effortlessly in TFT. I made it even faster by using pre gens from darkcitygames.com. Their site is also the source of the map, it is not mine.